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amazing quality

this could be the best flash movie i have EVER watched, absolutely brilliant artwork and story, you should definately make more like this, hell even a sequel would be nice. also the music was added really well..particularly the opening music. in short: I LOVED IT!!

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some things you should consider

its not bad, but somethings annyoed me. for starters the enemies looked like a cross between a banana peel and a ghost, you didnt reset the Y position when a leaf was collected...thats not a hard thing to do, even if this is your first flash. the music got annoying quickly with no way to turn it off. the background images were nice. you could of also had a diffiiculty setting, for example easy would have a few lives before you got game over. hard mode would be like the game above.

on a positive note, i did like the little arcade noise when you failed, reminds me of happy times when i was a kid lol.

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its your first, but thats fine, it reminds me of an early prototype i did when i was learning the basics of game making with flash. i mean this game deleivers what you'd expect. lots of enemies on screen at once shooting towards you. the artwork was okay. a few explosions would of been nice, missles maybe, its okay that you used kongregates tutorial as a template because you added in some of your own things. and completely redid the artwork.

in fact this makes me want to design and code my own 2d space shooter! :) good job!

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suprisingly good

so simple...but...its actually really good, most create-your-own type of games are drawn kinda crappy but this was really good art in my opinion, nice music and i loved the random button, some really nice looking scenes were being made, i liked the choice too of being able to move the plants and clouds. great job, very pleased with it :)

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Hello im Stephen, in 2009 at college i discovered the wonderful world of flash. and shortly afterwards flash game development. i hope this can branch off into other areas of development too, so in my free time i'll be making some flash games :)

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